Tips For Keeping Track Of Your Reading Glasses


If you need reading glasses in order to read small print, chances are good that you never seem to have a pair when you need them. This can be tremendously frustrating because it makes it difficult for you to fill out forms, read menus, and/or navigate the world. Here are some tips for keeping track of your reading glasses so that you have them with you when you need them or so that you know exactly where they are.

29 July 2016

3 Signs That You Need An Eye Exam


Having an eye exam on a regular basis is necessary, as this is the only way eye problems such as glaucoma can be identified early on before your vision deteriorates. It is also important to schedule frequent eye exams if you have a family history of eye disease or have conditions such as high blood pressure or hypertension that would increase your risk of getting eye diseases. Here are a few signs that you may need an eye exam immediately.

10 May 2016

4 Easy Things New Contact Lens Wearers Can Do To Prevent Unnecessary Eye Infections


When it comes to contact lenses, what you don't know can really hurt you and your eye health. So, whether you have recently switched to contacts from eyeglasses or you are considering it, you need to know that there are certain steps you need to take to prevent eye infections from developing. Here are four things that you need to know about handling contact lenses with care in order to keep your vision safe and eyes healthy:

18 March 2016

Feel Better Prepared For Your Lasik Eye Surgery By Learning What To Expect


If you are going to be getting Lasik eye surgery then you want to learn everything you can about what you can expect to take place that day. This way, you will feel less anxious about going in and having the procedure done. The information provided here will give you a look into the day of your surgery. Expect it to go quick Lasik eye surgery is done in an outpatient setting.

20 January 2016