Pink Eye Or Allergies: When You Should See Your Eye Doctor


You'll have times in your vision where your eyes are itchy and irritated. They may become watery, red, and even blurry as well. While having some type of itchiness in your eyes is common, it's wise to know the reasons behind this condition and when it's best to see your eye doctor.

Your eye doctor is a medical specialist who focuses on eye and vision health. If you have continued or bothersome eye itchiness and watering, see your eye doctor. Here, you will also learn whether you may have allergies or pink eye, both of which require a medical diagnosis by your general doctor or optometrist.

Signs you have allergies

Is it allergy season? Itchy, red eyes are common symptoms of allergies when there is pollen and other allergens floating around. Your eye doctor can recommend an allergen-reducing eye drop, designed to reduce the redness and irritation in the eyes. Or, your eye doctor can recommend an antihistamine for your condition.

See your eye doctor if your eye is oozing pus or mucus, which can be a sign of infection in addition to allergies. Since allergies and pink eye often look alike, it's wise to see your eye doctor if your eye irritation continues after using prescription or over-the-counter eye drops or taking allergy medications.

You have pink eye

Pink eye can be caused by a virus, like the common cold, or by bacteria or a foreign object bothering the eye. Pink eye causes lots of eye irritation and itching and often some burning as well. The irritation may be in both eyes but can also affect just one. While bacterial pink eye is not contagious, viral pink eye is. Avoid touching your eyes or touching other people after touching your eyes to avoid spreading pink eye, even if it doesn't appear to be contagious.

See your eye doctor if your symptoms don't improve after a few days or if your pink eye is spreading to both eyes and causing vision issues. Like the name suggests, pink eye can turn the eyes from white to pink or red, and your eye doctor can address this condition if pain and other problems persist.

When you have allergies or pink eye, finding relief is your primary concern. Both of these conditions are relatively common and can be treated in a variety of ways. See your eye doctor if vision issues become apparent and follow all recommendations for home care your eye doctor gives you. Speak with an eye doctor for more information. 


14 April 2020

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