Tips For Keeping Track Of Your Reading Glasses


If you need reading glasses in order to read small print, chances are good that you never seem to have a pair when you need them. This can be tremendously frustrating because it makes it difficult for you to fill out forms, read menus, and/or navigate the world. Here are some tips for keeping track of your reading glasses so that you have them with you when you need them or so that you know exactly where they are.

1. Wear Them On Your Neck

One option is to attach them to a necklace or a lanyard. There are many different ways you could do this. You could put them in a case that closes with a latch and has a hook to attach them to your lanyard. If they are with all of the other stuff that you have with your lanyard, such as a small wallet, keys, and cards, chances are good that they will blend right in. You could turn them into a fashion statement by purchasing a glasses chain that you can put around your neck. These chains attach to both arms of your glasses and can be embellished with beads and other fun items.

2. Get a Phone Case That Stores Them

Another option is to get a phone case that stores your glasses. You likely need your glasses to look at your phone easily. By attaching your glasses to your phone via a case, you will be able to ensure that whenever you have your phone, you also have your glasses. You also likely take better care of your phone than you do your glasses since your phone is much more expensive.

3. Attach a Pair to the Fridge

Attach a pair of reading glasses to the fridge. You can purchase magnetic reading glasses online. This will make it easier for you to read recipes and, if you leave your house through the kitchen, will increase the likelihood that you will remember to grab them on your way out the door. You could also attach magnetic glasses to the book that you are currently reading if you have a metal bookmark. 

4. Keep a Pair in Your Car

Regardless of how good you are about taking your glasses with you, there's a good chance that you might eventually forget. Make sure that you have a backup pair in your car.

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29 July 2016

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