2 Things To Keep In Mind When Ordering Contact Lenses Online


Being able to order your contact lenses online is a great option because of the many benefits that it can provide. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your lenses online, such as finding the best discounts possible and remembering to still see your eye doctor.

Find The Best Discounts

One of the best reasons to shop for your contact lenses online is that you are likely going to find prices that are often lower than those offered by traditional stores. However, this does not mean that you cannot get an even lower price if you are willing to put in a bit of extra work.

For example, many stores will offer a discount on your contacts for your first order only. While this is only a one time offer, the discount can often be quite generous, which makes it worth it even if you never utilize that site again.

Another common discount that you can have access to when you shop for contact lenses online is a bulk discount. This option is great for you because you can get a discount on a large amount of contact lenses, plus you will not need to worry about placing an order again for quite some time.

Finally, consider signing up for an auto-ship service. This option is offer by many online contact lens dealers and requires you to set a frequency for delivery.

For example, you can choose to have your contacts delivered every other week, every month, and so on. The benefit to using this automatic ordering option is that many online contact lens sites will offer you a discount on every shipment for as long as you keep the service active. While this discount may not be as generous as a first order discount, it is an ongoing discount rather than a one time only offer.

Remember To Still Visit Your Eye Doctor

Another thing to keep in mind when ordering your contact lenses online is that ordering online does not mean that you will never need to go to your eye doctor again. Regular visits to your eye doctor are still necessary. Your eyes can get worse over time, which will require you to get a new prescription.

You will also want to continue seeing your eye doctor in order to make sure that your eyes are healthy and that you are still able to wear contacts. If you ignore regular visits to your eye doctor, you could end up developing a condition that will get worse as long as you are wearing contacts, or end up allowing an eye disease to go undetected until it is too late to prevent it from permanently affecting your vision.

Visit an online contact lens store today in order to see the many ways in which contacts can benefit you. When ordering your lenses online, make sure that you are aware of the many potential discounts and that you are still seeing your eye doctor regularly despite ordering your contacts online.


10 August 2015

Exploring Contact Lens Options

Hello, I am Erica Holsted. I would like to share my knowledge about contact lenses on this website. Contact lenses dramatically changed my life. When I obtained my first pair of glasses, I instantly felt deeply self-conscious. The drop in self-esteem was relentless despite my friends and family telling me I still looked lovely. Thankfully, I talked with an eye doctor about using contact lenses instead. I was able to choose between daily, weekly, monthly and yearly lens options. The soft lenses felt comfortable in my eyes and helped me see perfectly. I still wear my glasses at night, however, to give my eyes a brief reprieve. I will talk about contact lens types, care and wear suggestions on this site. Please come back again soon.