Need Your First Set Of Glasses? Learn How To Choose The Perfect Pair


When you buy your first pair of glasses, it can be difficult to find the perfect pair to suit your needs. Glasses now come in a variety of colors and styles so that you have a large selection from which you can choose. The following guide walks you through how to find the perfect set of glasses for you.


You may have to try on a few different styles of glasses before you find frames that fit your face nicely. You might want to choose a shape which flatters the shape of your face as well. After you have found a shape you like for your frames, choose a color you think looks great against your skin tone. Choose frames that are not too heavy for your face. If the frames are too heavy, they will apply pressure to the bridge of your nose that can be very uncomfortable.   


There are many options available when it comes to the lenses you can get in your frames. You want to choose lenses that allow you to live your life with ease. There are transitional lenses that allow the lenses to change the lenses from clear to being tinted when you go into the sun. You can get a scratch resistant coating on the lenses to make them last longer.


The price range for glasses can vary dramatically depending on how fancy of glasses you choose to get. You can get a great pair of glasses for a very affordable price, if you are willing to ask for help from an associate at the store. The associate can help you find frames in your budget so that you can get the look you want for a price you can afford.


After your glasses have been created, you will go in for a fitting. While you are there, check to make sure that the glasses fit well. You do not want them to fall off when you look down or be too tight on the bridge of your nose. If the glasses fall off when you look down, the technician can heat the end portions of the arms so that they can be slightly bent to tighten them so they fit tighter to your face. The arms that hold the nose pads in place can be adjusted at the same time to more evenly distribute the weight of the glasses.

Having a pair of glasses that is the right style and fit for you will increase the chances of you wearing the glasses regularly. It will take time for you to get used to your new glasses, but it is important to keep wearing them until you and your eyes are used to them so that you can see as well as possible. Contact an outlet, such as Wendy's Eyeglass Shack, for further assistance.


15 April 2015

Exploring Contact Lens Options

Hello, I am Erica Holsted. I would like to share my knowledge about contact lenses on this website. Contact lenses dramatically changed my life. When I obtained my first pair of glasses, I instantly felt deeply self-conscious. The drop in self-esteem was relentless despite my friends and family telling me I still looked lovely. Thankfully, I talked with an eye doctor about using contact lenses instead. I was able to choose between daily, weekly, monthly and yearly lens options. The soft lenses felt comfortable in my eyes and helped me see perfectly. I still wear my glasses at night, however, to give my eyes a brief reprieve. I will talk about contact lens types, care and wear suggestions on this site. Please come back again soon.